Artspact is open!

After several months of planning, countless nights with little sleep as possible & combined with hours of hard work, we are proud to announce that our online store is finally open!

From Inception to Execution in a less than a month

I remember how I shared this idea with my best friend ( who is a genuinely talented artist and the co-founder of Artspact) Laima. I told her a story of how just the other night I was browsing through Behance and came across an exciting project – a variety of portraits of celebrities made in this cool geometric style. Immediately, I got fascinated by it. By doing a tad bit of googling, I found out an art movement called WPAP – Wedha’s Pop Art Portraits, a native Indonesian pop art genre founded by Wedha Abdul Rasyid, a senior artist and illustrator from Indonesia. One characteristic of this type of pop art is the use of colors which is unusual and commonly has a pattern of strict vertical/horizontal and diagonal of lines or shapes. The concept of photo tracing in WPAP is a “dignified” tracing, where pop art images refer to a photograph, but through a process of improvisation and a particular impression that the work produced has a unique artistic value. Despite its simplicity, it’s hard to make a proper portrait like that in Illustrator. It took me a good few days to produce something decent, that I wouldn’t be withheld to share with my other fellow artists. The first person to see my attempts was Laima. She didn’t criticize my work much, just said that she likes the style.

Two days after, Laima knocked on my door to surprise me with this:

Kendrick Lamar portrait

It was truly a jaw-dropping moment. Not just that the portrait looked insanely appealing, but out of all the influencers out there, she has chosen to project her talent onto my favorite artist of a lifetime – Kendrick Lamar!

After calming down a little and finally gathering my thoughts, I started thinking out loud
”Laima, what if we do this as a service? Let’s combine our passions and admiration for art, influencers & taste in good music to give something cool to this world” As Laima enjoyed drawing a painting in such style, so she was down to that idea.

That’s how our project Artspact was conceived. So at this online shop, our dear connoisseur, you can order a custom portrait made in a unique style called WPAP (or Pop Art, depending on your preferences). We won’t just put an average print (mediocrely made through Photoshop filters) on a blank canvas. No. We will draw (a 100% handmade) canvas portrait made off a photo you submit, considering all your smallest nitpicks and big ideas.

Do you sell any other art?

The answer is yes. Besides providing custom portrait services, sometimes we also like to draw and sell portraits of big influencers:

  • musicians;
  • actors;
  • artists;
  • creators;
  • any other celebrities;

All those portraits are one of a kind and won’t ever be sold or replicated again (at least by our artists). Feel free to check out what’s available on our website.

Since this project just begun, we would appreciate your feedback (criticisms, ideas, bugs, twitches ), and take them into consideration as we build Artspact, your go-to provider of Pop Art



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